We provide all types of bank instruments from our establish providers who can provide seasoned or freshly cut instruments. We specialize in helping our clients to arrange and trade Bank instruments from top rated banks typically with a duration up to 1-Year 1day.

  1. Bank Guarantee
  2. Stand By Letter of Credit
  3. MTN
  4. LTN
  5. IBOE
  6. Bank Certificate
  7. Bank Draft
  8. BCL
  9. POF

Used of Bank Instruments

  • For Importation/ Exportation
  • Collateral of Project Finance
  • Additional Credit Improvements:

Online Transaction

  1. MT103 Wire Transfer
  2. MT 103/202 Manual Download
  3. GPI MT103 Direct Transfer
  4. Swift GPI Instant Credit
  5. Swift GPI/UETR
  6. Swift GPI/DDTR